Animal Crossing: ‘Bug’ Fix And One Fish Less With Wave 2

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been a Nintendo bestseller. One of the most popular life-simulation games out there, and for good reason. The simple gameplay set in an island-village community provides a perfect getaway from stressful lives and chill out. This is one of the major reasons why the game became such a huge hit during such trying times.

The recent Summer update in the game brought a lot of fun features in the game, most notably the ability to go swimming and collect and interact with various marine items and creatures. The update saw the inclusion of characters like Pascal who can exchange the items you find in the ocean for other useful items.

But of course, fishing remains one of the major aspects of the update. If you show the items you have caught to Blathers, he provides some pretty interesting trivia about it. This August, the game will be seeing some changes in the variety of fish and bugs with the Free Summer Update Wave 2. Let us take a look.

Minor ‘bug’ fixes in Animal Crossing and one less fish in the sea
Those who play the game will know, specific bugs are found in the game during specific months in specific hemispheres. You can know more about them here. The bug changes in August will only be taking place in the Northern Hemisphere. Honeybees are found in the Northern Hemisphere from March to July. The game will be removing honeybees as August begins from the Northern Hemisphere. However, there will be no changes in the Southern Hemisphere.

As for fish, the game flaunts quite a large variety. From Goldfish to the Great White Shark, you have it all. It is quite understandable why fishing is one of the most exciting activities that the game has welcomed with the summer update. However, if you are particularly fond of tadpoles, we suggest you catch them, pet them, and admire them while you can, i.e. until August starts. Tadpoles will be gone from the Northern Hemisphere. Again, there are no changes in the Southern Hemisphere whatsoever.

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