Animal Crossing: How and where to get a wetsuit so you can go swimming

Earlier this month, Animal Crossing: New Horizons got its first wave of summer DLC - which also means your adorable little avatar can now go swimming.

That's right, as of July 3, users can go splashing about in the ocean, thanks to the game's Summer Update – Wave 1.
The new patch not only allows your character to swim around the ocean, but it also enables you to meet new characters and collect all new items.
Swimming has actually been in previous Animal Crossing games, with the only requirement being a wetsuit.
This update was announced on Twitter by the official Tom Nook account, with a video showing off the new additions.
So, without further ado, here's your ultimate Animal Crossing swimming guide...
How to get yourself a wetsuit on Animal Crossing:
In order to start your ocean escapades, all you need is 3,000 bells.
Either head to Nook's Cranny shop, or use the Nook Terminal to make your purchase.
Once inside the shop, approach the cupboard where you'd normally buy tools, plant seeds and wallpapers. There, you will see a wetsuit for sale.
Alternatively, if you are using the Nook Terminal, you can simply find the item on the shopping list and purchase a wetsuit (of a slightly different design).
Remember though; it'll take a day for your new swimming gear to arrive in your letterbox.
Once you've got the wetsuit, just get changed and head to the beach.
All the new fish coming to Animal Crossing: New Horizons in July
Once you're by the ocean, you'll need to find a rock or a jetty to cannonball off, or by simply wading in from the beach. Then you'll be able to swim by tapping A (up until a certain point, as there's a net to stop you going out too far).
When you're in the water, if you spot bubbles appearing just beneath the surface, use the Y button to dive. If you're persistent enough, you'll be able to catch yourself some new sea creatures, which you can either donate to Blathers at the museum, show off on your island or you can sell for some precious bells.

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