Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ August Update: Fireworks, Dreams, And Island Backups

Summer continues apace in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, with sharks in the water, beetles on the trees and all manner of crabs and such out in the ocean. The August update for the game isn’t quite as big a deal as the introduction of swimming in July, but there’s some excellent stuff coming our way regardless. Let’s get into it.

First up will be weekly fireworks celebrations every Sunday, lighting the sky up with the sort of summer celebration that we largely went without for this fourth of July, but which can fill us with awe up on our cliffs each week. You’ll be able to launch custom design fireworks, and it seem Redd will be in attendance running a raffle. We assume it’s a shady raffle, in some way.

After that, we’ve got the ability to visit islands in dreams, accessible through sleeping in your bed. It’s a way to show off your island and visit others that involves less coordination than normal visits: it seems like a way to visit non-friends islands through “dream addresses”, and to make your island available for visiting as well. The key here is that because it’s a dream, no changes are permanent.

And finally—perhaps most excitingly for those of us that live in constant fear of losing our islands, like how we lost our Breath of the Wild save when we lost our Switch on that trip to New York—Nintendo is finally introducing the ability to back up your save file, because it is, on a technical level, 2020. This will only be available to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers, but it’s an important level of security in case your Switch gets lost or damaged. Save game transfers will come later.

That’s the bulk of it! I’m excited to get exploring some of the more fantastical islands out there, and I’m eager to see what Redd has on offer at his raffles. I’m a little annoyed that he’s going to be coming to my island more often but not selling me art, because I badly want more art for my museum, but who knows? Maybe you can win them in raffles. We’ll see more when the thing launches at the beginning of the month, check back for what should be some sweet dream addresses and custom designs.

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