Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Get this Seasonal Item While it Lasts

The beginning of a new month is a special occasion for Animal Crossing: New Horizons players. Every month brings heaps of new updates and activities players can indulge in. In addition, it offers a range of new items to collect and critters to look out for.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons rolled out at a time when everything had been restricted due to the pandemic. But, it has allowed the players to step away from the harsh reality and provide a safe and relaxed environment.

September marks the birth of the first major seasonal change that will eliminate a lot of features from the island but will bring a stack of new critters and fauna. Amidst all these new features, there are items that are only availablefor a limited time. These might not make their way to the island until next year if the players don’t grab them.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Available for a limited period
Most of these new and limited items can be purchased through the Nook shop. The players are also free to skim through the Nook shopping catalog to discover any new items that might be in store.

Every month features a new seasonal item, and the item for this month is the grape-harvest basket. This is a wearable basket that celebrates the Grape Harvest Festival and costs 800 bells, which is not a lot. This item is available till September 30 and can be purchased from the seasonal tab in the Nook shop.

There is also a range of other items that the players can get this month. Pine cones and acorns are available throughout the island and can be found on trees. The trees need to be shaken for a bit longer than usual to catch these. These can be used as materials to craft an immense number of items.

DIY recipes, critters, and new content
DIY recipes let the players craft new items that can also be sold for a good profit. Every season comes with exclusive recipes that are a bit tough to get. However, DIY recipes can be gathered by shooting down balloons that often produce common recipes. Another way of getting these recipes is to watch out for message bottles that appear on the shore of the island. These might contain some exclusive recipes that will come in handy.
While a range of critters and flowers have become unavailable, loads of new ones have been added. This essentially means that Animal Crossing follows a strict cycle of seasonal changes and in-game items are not available throughout the year.
Above all, the players have been waiting for new content. August saw a surge in new content that the players were extremely pleased with. This included the weekly fireworks show, the ability to dream, and enabled the players to back up their island data.
Nintendo for sure has a lot in store for the players. This is corroborated by the news of Super Mario themed furniture that is coming in March 2021. Stay tuned for more updates!

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