Animal Crossing New Horizons Guide to Picking Mushrooms

The mushroom season has arrived on Animal Crossing New Horizons in the Northern Hemisphere. The season will be available to players in the top half of the world throughout November. During this month, the game will spawn five different types of mushrooms, all of which will differ in rarity and therefore have different spawn rates, depending upon the star rating of islands.

Players can use these mushrooms to get DIY items and decorate their islands. There are as many as 12 items that players can create using these mushrooms! Moreover, if players don’t like any of the DIY items available, they can simply sell the mushrooms with the rarest one selling for 16000 bells.

YouTuber AbdallahSmash026 created a compilation video with all the information about the mushroom season in Animal Crossing. He showed all the drop chances as well as recipes for all these DIY items. Moreover, he also showcased all the new customization options available for it.

All the 12 DIY items and customization available in Animal Crossing New Horizons
At least 8 of the DIY items are decor or furniture, while the rest are wallpapers or flooring. Players can get the recipe for these items from their villagers if they come across one crafting such items. They will have to keep visiting these villagers throughout the month and try their luck.

Once players have these recipes, they can make the following items:

Decor Furniture
Mush Lamp: It is a lamp that looks like a mushroom and lights up neon green. Players can make a mush lamp with a skinny mushroom and 5 clay.
Mush Table: This is a 2×2 table that looks like a big flat mushroom. To make one, players need 2 flat mushrooms and 6 wood.
Mush Partition: This is just a bunch of skinny mushrooms (3) put together to make a fence.
Mush Parasol: The parasol is just another decor that looks like a tall flat mushroom with a stool next to it. The recipe demands 3 flat mushrooms to make the parasol.
Mush Log: The mush log is a log stool with mushrooms growing out of it. The recipe for this item is 2 skinny mushrooms and a log stool.
Mush Low Stool: It is another stool which has a lower height and looks like a round mushroom and therefore needs 2 of those to make.
Mush Umbrella: The umbrella is a decor item and serves no practical use. However, it stills beautifies the island. Players need 3 flat mushrooms to make the umbrella.
Mushroom Wand: Just like any other wands in the game, however, this one looks like a mushroom. To make this wand players will need 3 skinny mushrooms and 3-star fragments.

These indoor decors include one wreath, two wallpapers, and one flooring. All of these have a forest/mushroom theme.
Mushroom Wreath: This is probably one of the prettiest decor items in the season. Players can create one with 10 tree branches, and one each of the round, skinny, and flat mushrooms.
Mush Wall: This a cute wallpaper with peach highlights and white mushroom stickers. One of all the mushrooms except the rare one are required to make this item.
Forest Wall: This wallpaper gives a similar feel to that of an actual forest. It has a forest floor with a couple of recurring trees painted on it. In addition to the recipe of the mush wall, players will need 10 wood to make a forest wall.
Forest Flooring: The flooring is just like a forest bed after Fall season, filled with withered away leaves. Players will need all types of mushrooms except the elegant mushroom, along with 10 clumps of weed to create the item.
Apart from all these decor items, players can watch Abdallah’s video to learn about the new customization changes. Moreover, he has also included a gameplay video that shows how these items look on players’ islands.
Fans from the Southern Hemisphere need not worry, as the mushroom season will arrive there in May.

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