Animal Crossing Player Turns Entire Island Into a Giant Coral Reef

A fan of Animal Crossing: New Horizons has taken decoration to new heights by redesigning their entire island to look like a coral reef. Nintendo's legendary life simulation game released last year to wild acclaim and widespread adoration. It was an ideal way for people to spend time while trapped in their homes thanks to COVID-19, and the game's beloved animal villagers helped soothe anxieties as the pandemic raged outside.

One of Animal Crossing: New Horizons biggest selling points is its islands. The player moves into one at the start of the game and spends their time improving, cultivating, and decorating it. The level of environmental customization available in Animal Crossing: New Horizons takes decorating possibilities to new heights, and it has been warmly embraced by millions of fans with a sudden influx of time on their hands. This has led to some truly remarkable and bizarre constructions which have been built in-game and proudly displayed to the internet at large. Just recently a fan proudly showed a faithful recreation of Joey and Chandler's apartment from the classic sitcom Friends.

But as delightful as Animal Crossing pop culture references like the Friends apartment or the Scooby-Doo intro can be, some fans have their own unique vision to pursue. Reddit user aeshsp demonstrated this in spectacular fashion by unveiling an island that had been dedicated to resemble an underwater coral reef. They achieved this illusion through creative use of colorful plants and fish-themed decorations, as well as what looks like a few particularly ostentatious mushrooms. The tour concludes with a simulated shipwreck, complete with the skulls of the poor souls who perished in the crash.

It's not hard to make the connection between Animal Crossing: New Horizons and the bounteous beauty of the sea floor. Thanks to the game's focus on island getaways, it's a substantially more nautical title than past games in the franchise. Fishing and ocean exploration are particularly valuable pastimes, and Nintendo is supporting the hobby by steadily introducing new sea creatures to populate the ocean. This heavily themed island should make these new creatures feel right at home.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a remarkable title for a number of reasons, but it deserves a lot of respect for giving players a creative space which allows them to make such remarkable and beautiful creations. The fan content people are making to commemorate the video game and its beloved villagers is almost as remarkable as the game itself, but creations like this coral reef island prove why fans fell in love with Animal Crossing: New Horizons in the first place.

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