Animal Crossing's Worst Island Designs So Far

Even though Animal Crossing: New Horizons gives players the opportunity to design their own islands, not every villager’s design is as aesthetically pleasing as the other. In fact, there are some island designs that have gone viral on social media for all the wrong reasons.

The island designer app featured in-game allows players to customize their island to their liking. Not only can players choose the wall and floorings of their own home, as was possible in past installments of Animal Crossing games, but the island designer app now allows them to create landscape such as cliffs, water, and foliage

It’s never been easier earning a 5-star rating on one’s island, given all of the creative things Animal Crossing: New Horizons allows players to do. This makes it all the more surprising that some island designs can turn out so painfully bad. Below are some of the worst Animal Crossing island designs that, if nothing else, can act as a good warning of what not to do.

YouTuber DanTheMan decided to create the “worst islands for New Horizons,” as his video title explains. The source of inspiration was a random froggy chair, one which Animal Crossing fans have been missing, and the YouTuber allowed that design to dictate where he added land or took it away.
Players can check out the video above to see the final result. In the end, his island was oddly shaped, making it likely inefficient (and unattractive) for the residents living on it. However, although this was a purposeful attempt at creating the worst, strangest Animal Crossing island around, it's definitely not the only one on the internet players can discover.

This person’s island takes the cake as the creepiest one around. Rather than creating a cutesy island that will be inviting to potential guests, @lizardengland decided to unleash their inner serial killer and go with a horror theme, complete with bloodstains on the ground and a machete in hand. The eerie image is enough to make someone wonder what happened in the moments leading up to when the screenshot was taken. This is only one of many Animal Crossing island designs which ended up being more scary than cutesy.

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