Animal Crossing: What We Know About the Fall Update (So Far)

A cornerstone of the Animal Crossing experience is taking part in its seasonal events. However, unlike past games, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is releasing its seasonal experiences as free DLC opposed to having this content already in the code. As such, there is no way to get a sneak peek at what's in store no matter how much you time travel. Until Nintendo releases official updates, we're all left to speculate in the dark. At the moment, all we can do is stare down the impending fall update and wonder what it may bring. September brought new critters to catch and resources to collect, but that was about it. Before that, we got two pieces of summer DLC. Whether the upcoming fall content will be broken up into pieces is unclear, but it's likely.

Familiar Faces
In the pre-release Animal Crossing Direct, Nintendo announced seasonal updates with a graphic featuring both Jack and Franklin, pointing to their respective holidays coming to New Horizons. Jack is the arbiter of Halloween, whereas Franklin is at the helm of Animal Crossing's Thanksgiving equivalent, the Harvest Festival. Due to the manner in which summer content was rolled out, it's likely that Nintendo will follow suit for the fall update as well. We could see an October update featuring Jack and a November update that adds Franklin.
It's hard to know what Nintendo will included content-wise here, but past Animal Crossing titles give us some ideas to point to. Historically, Jack has brought candy, villager mini-games and the Creepy furniture set, so it's likely we'll see such staples head to New Horizons. As for Franklin, his events revolve around cooking a vibrant feast -- something that was limited by the mechanics of past games. With the crafting system in New Horizons, it is likely we'll see this event doubled-down on.
Of course, this is a good place for the datamined features to be injected into the game. New Horizons' code includes a number of tidbits about potential future features. Among these are cooking and farming, which would add a lot of content to the experience and fit nicely with the fall. Growing and harvesting vegetables and working alongside Franklin to cook a robust meal seems like a no-brainer.

Back To Bunny Day And Ahead To Fall
We can also look back at New Horizons' biggest celebration so far, Bunny Day, for clues as to what will come next. Bunny Day, like with the game's passive events including Pascal's scallop obsession, emphasize collecting exclusive resources to use in new crafting recipes. It's almost inevitable that the fall update will continue this trend. In New Leaf, Jack would offer the player items from the Creepy furniture set in exchange for candy, but in New Horizons, he'll probably give the player crafting recipes instead. After all, that seems to be the trend with New Horizons' furniture sets, such as Pascal's Mermaid set.
The majority of discussion around the Fall update remains rooted in speculation, but it's likely that we'll learn more soon. Assuming that New Horizons implements Jack and Franklin in October and November respectively, we'll need to learn more this month. It's likely that Nintendo will release another trailer with the details, as per the summer updates. Until then, we'll just have to dream about what features we want and focus on catching the rest of the September critters before the fall content is upon us.

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