Understanding the Appeal Behind Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons became a global phenomenon in just a few months of its release, becoming the fastest-selling Switch title of all time.

All titles in the franchise have a similar premise. The players get hold of a deserted island and build everything from scratch. Animal Crossing: New Horizons boasts an array of simple and easy activities that were not available in the previous titles. There isn’t a guide to doing anything. Every player has a unique style of play. Moreover, Animal Crossing lets the player explore their world as they see fit.

The game has sold over 22 million copies and has become insanely addictive throughout the world, and for good measure.Animal Crossing: New Horizons- A virtual reality. The game was launched at a time when people all over the world were confined to their homes. With not a lot to do, most people picked up video games. And Animal Crossing is a title that has been a household name for over two decades.

There had been a lull after New Leaf came out in 2012, but Nintendo bridged that gap by releasing New Horizons in March this year.
The game is also addictive because it represents everything the players can’t have right now. Namely, the ability to travel, fish, decorate, and thanks to a recent update, enjoy fireworks throughout August.

The players get exposed to a range of activities
Each title in the franchise has come up with something different to its previous updates. All the previous titles get accumulated into one wholesome title that includes everything that was available before, with a whole new range of other activities and features.
Animal Crossing allows the players to have custom designs for their clothes or decorate their houses, using their unique designs and sharing them with friends. DIY recipes let the players craft items of their choice and sell them for a good profit.
With the onset of September, a range of major seasonal updates will be available to the players of the Northern Hemisphere.

A world full of new possibilities
The Animal Crossing franchise is a quirky version of life simulation games. The players get to interact with fellow villagers who have and will continue to play a vital role in enhancing their experience.

There are many secrets and events that are not visible on the surface but illuminate as players spend time on their islands. And that’s not it.
Every activity on the island gets the players in-game currency in the form of bells. These come in handy to purchase items that can be used to decorate the island or travel to other islands to witness more exciting elements. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is an amalgamation of every bit of innovation Nintendo has achieved in these two decades. The game is far from over as each passing day it reveals something new and exciting.

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